Умный дом (1999 )


At the beginning of the movie, the newspaper retrieval slot is hardly bigger than a folded newspaper, yet later when Sarah uses it to enter she goes through fine. See more »


Angie. [ to Sara ] Are you a genius?
Ben. I’ve heard Geniuses are impossible to live with. They make everyone around them feel inferior.
Sara. You don’t have to worry, I’m not that smart.
Ben. Oh no, you shouldn’t sell yourself short, you should be proud of your big. giant brain.
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Slam Dunk
Performed by Five
Composed by Denniz Pop. Max Martin (as Martin Sandberg), Herbie Crichlow (as Herbert Crichlow),
Jacob Schultz
Published by BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP) on behalf of Cheiron Songs/BMS Music Publishing Scandinavia AB.
Also published by Zomba Enterprises, Inc./Grantsville Publishing, Ltd. (Admin.) by Zomba Enterprises,
Inc. (ASCAP) (for United States and Canada)/Grantsville Publishing, Ltd. (Administered by Zomba Music Publishers,
. Ltd. for the rest of the world) and Mega Scandinavia A/S.
Five provided courtesy of Arista Records, Inc.
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Disney should have brought this film to theaters because this is so good. the movie preety much explains its self a teenage boy wins a future house or known as Smart House. actors do a great job even though they’re not well known. Cool special effects this movie is the best.

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